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Welcome to the Community

Software development changes fast. We live in a golden age of developer tools β€”Β from static site generators to low code platforms to AI code completion β€” that help us build powerful products more quickly, more securely, and more collaboratively than ever before.Β 

But we often don't talk about how leading teams through this whirlwind of modern development is changing fast, too.Β 

We constantly navigate changing technologies, people, and processes. We juggle hiring, mentoring, sharing feedback, shipping new features, paying down technical debt, scaling systems, setting team goals and strategies, and so much more. We care deeply about both the software we build and the people who build it.Β 

This community is a place for engineering leaders to share their ideas, advice, and resources on building effective engineering teams. Our goal is to improve our craft through meaningful conversations about our challenges and successes.Β 

We're excited to welcome engineering teams of all backgrounds. Β Β 

How to get started

Our community is sponsored by the teams at Software and Forem. If you're interested in contributing to this community, there's a few ways you can get started:Β 

  • Follow tags related to your favorite topics, such as #culture and #leadership, or follow other contributors.

  • Introduce yourself in the #welcome thread below and join the conversation.

  • Start writing. You can even cross-post content from your personal website or blog to get started.Β 

Let us know if you have any questions about contributing!

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